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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  February 6, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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eastwood on the commercial. >> i can't believe we are coming back. i love america. i think you will understand. >> president obama told matt lauer said he is getting better at his job. he speaks out about the economy. no surprise, nevada hands mitt romney a big win. the state earns a big black mark as they may be counting some of the votes. newt gingrich vows to take it to the convention or at least until texas. does the low turn out reveal an enthusiasm problem with conservatives? syrian troops vowing to keep up the onslaught by russia and china and blocked the un
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resolution and the crack down entered a dangerous new phase. this is the daily run dun and a lot to get to. i'm chuck todd. congratulations to the giants. i am glad mike bradshaw. president obama made his case for a second term in the super bowl interview with matt lauer. the president responded to critics who are frustrate and said change had not happened quickly enough. >> turns out that our founders designed a system that makes it more difficult to bring about change than i would like sometimes, but what we have been able to do is move in the right direction. i will keep on plotting away, very persistent, and one of the things about being president is you get better as time goes on. >> when it comes to mitt romney he said the last thing we need
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to do is start the election now. whether he makes him unable to relate to the middle class. >> i do think the vast majority understands that we want everybody to be successful. nobody begrudges people who have been successful because they are making things and products and services. that's the american way. what people also want to see is that everybody is doing their fair share. we are all pulling together and creating ladders of opportunity for all americans. whoever the republican nominee is, i disagree with a formula that goes back to the same policies that got us into this mess in the first place. >> the president committed to do more than talking about the tone for the campaign to come. >> this may sound pollyanna, but when the nominee is chosen, would you agree to meet with
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that person when romney or gingrich or whoever and how the two of you plan to conduct yourself over the course of this campaign? >> you will be able to see how we conduct themselves. it will be how i conducted myself in 2008 and hopefully how i conducted myself as president of the united states. one of the boards we have is that there so many of these so-called super pacs, independent expenditures that will be out there. there will be a lot of money floating around. a bunch of that will be negative. it's not going to be enough to say the other guy is a bum. you have to explain to the american people what your plan is to make sure that they are good jobs at good wages and the economy is growing over the long-term. whatever wins that argument will be the next president. >> whether the president would sit down with mitt romney in a private conversation to talk about how they connected with the campaign.
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the good news for the president is despite his primary victory, the ugly campaign meant a rough month for romney. this new abc poll where the president opened up a six-point lead over romney. fueling that lead, a shift with independents. a month ago they favored romney and now the president. it's 48-47. the country remains sharply divided over whether he deserves a second term. mitt romney had to focus and go very negative in stopping newt gingrich. speak of romney, he scored a double-digit victory, but the process was not pretty as we warned you would be the case. romney won with 50% of the vote and beat newt gingrich by nearly 30 points and romney did his
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best and relolled out a new argument. >> he has been trying to take a bow for 8.3% unemployment. not so fast. we welcome good news on the jobs front. it is thanks to the innovation of the american people in the private sector and not to you, mr. president. >> a real challenge for romney how to deal with the economy as it continues to show the improvement it has shown. overshadowing romney's seech, a press conference by newt gingrich. he vowed i'm not going anywhere. >> what happens is every primary day or caucus day, the romney headquarters send out the rumor they believe i will with drauchlt that's their greatest fantasy. i am a candidate for president of the united states and will be a candidate for president of the united states and we will go to
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tampa. >> he laid out a strategy that is not on paper. it is not set. >> this is a state he won this time and won it this time. it's more favorable territory. we want to get to georgia, alabama and tennessee. we believe by the time texas is over, we will be competitive in delegate-count. >> today is the deadline to get a map in time to make the april 3rd dead line. they won't have a wrap. if they get it in, perhaps april 24th could be the primary. that could get moving and maybe gingrich's hypothetical deadline will keep moving as well. nevada was the mess we said it was going to be. nearly two days after the election took place, the party certified the votes after days of counting and counting and
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counting. there were not all that many votes to count. turn out under 33,000, down 26% from the 44,000 that cast ballots four years ago. that special nevada caucus is spearheaded to serve jewish voters. it was overtaken by supporters and flash mobbed it and encouraged to come. officials were outside. without doing same day voter registration, was it an exercise. that was the whole point why democrats put nevada early. finally tomorrow, the primary fight moves on to caucuses in toll raddo and minnesota. it's the beauty contest where
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gingrich is not on the ballot. they had it in grand junction and rick santorum is campaigning in minnesota and he stopped around the iconic sweater vest. he visited the factory where the wool is sewn and where sweaters is put together. hoping for another midwest win, he said he is still in the race. >> i think we will do very well in minnesota and do very well in colorado. we have a one on one matchup in missouri. while it's no delegates, it is a key state. this is a long way from being over. >> two things you need to know. four years ago when mitt romney was the conservative, he ran away with colorado and minnesota. he's not the most conservative here. these are two places where rick santorum can catch fire. he is nervous about minnesota.
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they are less nervous about colorado. that accused the contingent to it inside the caucuses. they can't breakthrough in wochb these two places, when can he? the u.s. is reacting strongly to stop the violence in syria. russia vetoed the measure and the u.s. ambassador to the united nation said two countries will come to vote on saturday. they produced a wither witherin argument. >> this country has been held hostage by a couple of members. they stand behind empty arguments and interest. this is even more shameful when you consider that at least one of the members continues to deliver wep opes to a side. . >> at least 200 people attacked
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just this weekend. a bloody crack down continues. president obama said that the u.s. is exploring other options including a plan to rally nags in a coordinated effort to assist the opposition. >> we have been relentless in sending a message that it's time for us to go. the kind of violence that was exercised against his own people and the past several months is inexcusable. it's not just us. the world community agrees with this and the vast majority of arab states agrees. we will apply sanctions and pressure and help to try to usher in this transitional government. i think it's important to try to resolve this without recourse and introduction. my sense is that you are seeing more and more people inside recognizing that they need to
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turn a chapter and the regime is feeling the noosening around them. >> iran will be a tougher sell. hillary clinton reacted to the vote too. she called it a travesty. many of whom defected from the military. the mission is largely from protecting civilians to attacking government positions. we will have much more on the story and another story on the rise in tensions in iran in the next half hour. mitt romney with a decisive win in nevada didn't convince anyone to get out of the race. with three more voting tomorrow, not counting missouri. >> betting on the big game. some guys tossed the football around last night, but what we
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>> tomorrow mitt romney has another shot at solidifying his front-runner status. they are both states to carry in 2008 and he is not going anywhere. former new hampshire governor john sununu and bob walker.
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thank you both. dp governor, let me start with you and ask you about the issue of turn out. newt gingrich's historical point he make that is in the one place he won turn out is up. turn out has been down. are you concerned about conservative enthusiasm and how they turned out overall and down 3% from four years ago. >> to look at a win in nevada where mitt romney got more votes than the other candidates put together as having a negative and they were certainly a pin effort by the opposition that did so badly. this process is a strong process. the timing is different than they were in the past. for example, when iowa and new hampshire started so early
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because the move came in, everybody is starting earlier than they expected. i think you will see turn out increase as we move in. >> the calendar looks similar for those. iowa is the same as four years ago. only two days difference. florida the same day. >> last time you were chasing an open seat. >> look. why spin numbers when the real issue was issues. what we were looking at is a campaign by republicans that recognize that we want to replace obama. in an odd sense when turn out is down, contrary to what you are hearing, people are satisfied with the winning and the candidate that's winning. they are satisfied with mitt romney. >> i don't think so. if we wanted to beat obama, the fact is that the romney campaign in florida 20 up to 100% of the
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time being up on fellow republicans and newt gingrich. any time you do negative campaigning, it drives down the vote. that's the purpose. that i think it being rejected in the numbers you are seeing. what we top the do is run against barack obama. the fact is that the candidates have different kinds of ideas about how we improve the economy and that's what we should debate. >> look, if you want to talk about something negative, take a look at the gingrich news conference in nevada. there is a guy who went through a melt down. if you can't handle the pressure of a bad caucus, how are you going to handle the pressure of being president. the set of attacks after saying he was going to be positive showing you the schizophrenic approach he has. >> john is in attack mode on
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this program this morning, but the fact is that newt gingrich answered the questions. the fact is that we see very little in the way of governor romney. he is a candidate that has to be handled because every time he goes out, there seems to be a misstatement to get in trouble. >> what is the rational? i say this because i cannot figure out his message. >> here can't either. >> the question is for you. the fact is that the rational for this candidacy is that the future belongs to the people who can define a program that balances the budget and kreas jobs and produces a future where opportunity is the watch word. those are the things we have been discussing. that's how you create additional jobs and how you created them --
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>> that's what romney put out. >> the fact is that the "wall street journal" called your economic program timid. >> you guys are going to editorials that are six months old. >> approximate are his economic program has not changed. >> governor, there is an argument among the conservative elite who wish that mitt romney's tax plans were bolder and rich his economic plan was something that was new and different rather than a 59-point plan where he goes x, y, and z and they can't get their arms around it. >> he said it dozens of times. not only is he committed to reducing the taxes, but to bring taxes down across the board to flatten the structure and get rid of the loopholes that
6:21 am
prevents you from flattening it. ha is absolutely consistent with what the conservative part of the party really wants. the most important thing to do is cut the spending and the growth of the government that appeared under obama and he has been specific that that's what he's going to do. it is easy for folks to nit pick that this is a slightly better plan than that one. this is slightly this and slightly that. mitt romney put a package out that will deal with the obama mess. he is running a campaign that people are moving towards and supporting. they are convinced the only way to beat obama is to nominate romney. >> you don't have a good answer to that.
6:22 am
the "wall street journal" is correct. the way to change the economy is to change the dynamics. it is a 15% flat tax and the capital gains tax and providing a corporate tax rates that makes the worldcom petative. those are the things that are bold and the way in which we will dynamically change the economy. >> and romney includes flattening the taxes. >> for would be very, very good to debate the issues. the 59-point program doesn't measure up to the changes we need. >> governor sununi. is this hurting romney's standings in the poll that is is indeed the case. >> there is a long campaign ahead of us. the polls go up and down. once he is confirmed, the process of differentiating will clear and you will see the
6:23 am
differences move in the right direction. this is wishful thinking on the part of his campaign. he is down and his news conference was an unbelievable rambling of a candidate who expressed the rationalitity of unable to be a president. romney versus santorum. >> you haven't made your case. >> newt gingrich made the case. >> newt gingrich is being very, very clear about where he stands and he is making it well. >> the politics of destruction. >> you are very frustrated. >> that's why he is losing. he's losing. you concerned? this is hurting the republican campaign. >> the fact that it has been a highly negative campaign.
6:24 am
you tried to run one that is totally positive and i got knocked out. the negativity is driving it down and against the republican party. we should get back to debating the issues and how to beat barack obama. >> there is one candidate in this campaign who has a reputation of being involved in the politics of destruction and that's newt gingrich. >> that's not true. this campaign is very much advertising from the romney campaign and begging against newt. >> i have to leave it. >> thank you for a lively discussion. up next, we will get a preview from wall street and the market right will stand up in syria. the country plunges deeper and how far are they willing to go to stop the violence. >> today's trivia question, when
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was the last time that either major party had a nominee that was a military veteran? i'm chuck todd and the first correct answer will win. wake up!
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breaking news out of syria. the united states is closed because of the security situation there. all american personnel have departed the country. the syrian government is escalating the crack down. more on the story in a few minutes. you know what's going on there. minutes away from the opening bell. becky, on the monday after the
6:29 am
super bowl, when an nfc wins, it's good news for the market. two, do any of the ad campaigns move stocks? >> that's a really good question. the answer is yes. most of the time we think they are not all that effective. they come around for a 30-second spot. if you look at the ad last year, the m and h add ranzilated into sales and about the rebirth of detroit and we are rebuilding. it actually did trapzilate into sales for chrysler. they followed it up with an unbelievable second go around of an ad. clint eastwood talking about halftime in america. people think that adsome pain could chanzilate into real
6:30 am
sales. i don't know if you say your favorite, but the do rit ones and a fwheab a spring slingshot, but that's mine. >> i like the chevy apocalypse. >> that was interesting too. if you are looking the markets, we had a great start to the year. this was the best start in 25 years for the s&p. we are pulling back a little bit this morning, but again serious gains over the last five weeks. >> thank you very much. we will be back in 30 seconds.
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the stories making headlines. i don't know if you heard, but the giants are celebrating at the super bowl. 21-17, the giants's fourth super bowl title. new york city will welcome them to their borrowed home with a ticker tape parade. no word on whether east rutherford will. you pick it. hoboken. while new yorkers are celebrating the giants's win, the colleagues have to pay up. the senator from new hampshire has to buy beer because she lost her wager to chuck schumer. john kerry owes them new england clam chowder and others bet on the patriots and have to settle
6:32 am
the wagers. congratulations. she marks her 60th anniversary as queen and what's known a succession day. this marks her diamond jubilee israel's threat of air strikes against iran is triggering concerns about a wider military conflict. president obama spoke about the tension with the today show on sunday. >> i don't think that israel made a decision on what they need to do. they like us, believe that iran has to stand down on the nuclear wep opes program. we mobilized in a way that is unprecedented and they are feeling the pinch, but they have not taken the step they need to by saying we will pursue peaceful power and not pursue a
6:33 am
nuclear weapon. israel will be concern and we will too. our goal is to resolve this diplomatically. >> joining me now is jeffrey goldburg and the "new york times." welcome. let's start with what's going on in syria. at this point what is the options? if the un option is off the table, china in this case having russia back. this is the mini agreement. what's next? >> nothing. this is even to action. this is not going to be a power to see libya again. the arab states talking about -- they were talking about intervention. >> this is covert on the ground.
6:34 am
he has been emboldened by ek% it didn't sit well with a lot. >> libya and that resolution passed, it seemed for a bit as if the administration had rules for the united embrace for the responsibility to protect. even within the borders, you can protect people from their leadership and the russians and
6:35 am
chinese felt that resolution was abused and turned into a regime change. this time the kick back was hart. this concept of support to protect has been a big fight in the international community for more than a decade. it has actually suffered a significant set back. >> it's something that at the same time was a proxy debate. iran needs syria. a lot of people were hoping to fall because of the ramp down. not a domino, but iran has syria. if syria goes, i vap more
6:36 am
controversial. they are an important prop in the iranian dreams of the domination. this is bigger than the humanitarian piece. it's attacked in and of itself. >> i want to change it about iran. they had reports of congress stating that iran was likely to strike at the united states at some point. you had secretary panetta saying israel was ready to strike, possibly as early as may. >> the president did everything to propose the water. we don't think they are ready to strike. that sounds like the opposite. second, israel is not there yet. >> i thought there were a couple of things in what the president
6:37 am
said. first, by saying that israel has not made a decision yet, the united states did not plan to go to a joint operation with israel. he did do the requisite and all were on the table. that lost a fair bit of credibility and he said that they don't see evidence and president obama is ready to go do that. however by saying the israelis have not made a decision, that was this incredibly intense conversation. an argument back and north about whether or not the concept is ready to enter a zone of immunity. >> is it that bad? one of the disagreements is the issue of the targets. request you be effective
6:38 am
militarily? >> this is why i take president obama seriously. the united states has greater ability to destroy nuclear facility when is they are partially or buried in the sides of mountains. israel doesn't have the same capacity to go back again. the relationship i take it seriously is from the military standpoint, there is time. the u.s. has much more time by saying the options are on the table. yeah, i'm serious about this, but you have time. >> you and i had a conversation where the sections are dying. one more set of safrgs --
6:39 am
cutting off all iranian banks from the system that clears all inner bank transactions. not just the banks of iran, but basically all banks. that would be a complete economic isolation. many don't thank that's a good idea. the other big issue is at some point, if you cutoff the oil revenues and so forth, they believe they'll not get oil revenue anyway. the cost of going out and causing destruction in the gulf as the president referred to as they try to interrupt oil supplies, it goes down. one last question. the questions that we make a big deal out of public disagreements between israel and the obama administrati administration. the relationship is pretty
6:40 am
strong. >> that's successful and strong. >> this is what both sides say on the record and background as well. the conversation is we are cooperating in many ways and not only on lifl defense. the military are close. >> thank you both for what should be the lead story this morning. there you go. up next, we kickoff the week with our panel and talking about a lot of stuff. the republican timeline turn out and you know tim tebow weighed in. it's monday. it's leftovers apparently. it's tomato. we'll be right back. ♪
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the daily flash back. 1987, president reagan became the oldest u.s. president in history. with the marine band playing 76 trombones, the first lady helped him pull out the candles at a surprise party by the white house staff. we told you about the miserable turn out number in nevada. nevada is the second consecutive contest romney has won. turn out was up in iowa and new hampshire and 36% in south carolina. overall 3% fewer have voted this year than four years ago through the first five should that matter. "the washington post" correspondent and author of the take and editor in chief and vice president progress.
6:45 am
we are at "usa today." listen to this factoid which as it turns out on correct. >> overtime i don't believe the american people that suppresses turn out. it's amazing that if you look at florida, every county i carried in florida had an increased turn out. >> first of all, is he throwing that out, he was right on this. this turn out issue combined with what we saw on the poll this morning. >> the public should be nervous? >> absolutely. everything we have seen about governor romney has a candidate suggests very little enthusiasm for him in the base of respect party. that was crucial. there was so much enthusiasm and
6:46 am
that was a significant part. if they don't have that come forward this year, we don't have a problem. >> romney was down 25%. we have 22,000 votes and 16,000 last time. >> we know where you guys are and you are trying to help the president get reelected and how important is this to your records? >> it's all the core messages. they don't trust him and don't like his message and think he is not empathetic to people in the middle class and fighting to rejuvenate america. all the core messages for why people don't like him in the gop party. >> if you believe the polls, he is the lesser of two evils. look at the number. the more you heard about a presidential candidate, the more
6:47 am
thi like. for gingrich it's worse. 19% said the more they hear, the more they like. romney is benefiting from the polls. >> with warning signs, this is a bigger one. they will help him resume that gap. the more people hear about him, the less they like him. all that's going to happen for the next couple of months is people hear more and more about mitt romney. >> listen to the economy from president obama and mitt romney about where economy is right now. >> i deserve a second term, but we are not done. when you and i sad down, we were losing 750,000 jobs a done and now we are creating 250,000
6:48 am
jobs. >> he is brighting an 8.3 and he doesn't get credit for things getting better. >> by the way, he doesn't get credit. it almost sounded a little whiney. >> sure. it's hard when you have good economic numbers. >> remember they were rooting for that? >> the flip side of that is that the president is not out of the woods on this. lots of possibilities that unemployment could pick back up and it won't continue to go down. everything as you look forward suggests there is a condition continuing, but not at a case where is they can say the president has done a great job. i want to throw two other poll numbers that were fascinating. feelings about the federal government. feelings of the u.s. tax system
6:49 am
and favors the wealthy, 68%. i know what you want to watch, but it's the president that is the head of the guard. this is sort of -- >> it's not working and they see that going on between obama and congress and they blame congress more than obama. on the taxes, they are closely matched in this article and actually the spread is about four points. for all americans about ten points. that is going to help obama in the general election. >> romney needs a response. >> he does. in the action or study they say it's not the absolute numbers, but the direction. if unemployment is going down, good for obama. if it ticks up even modestly,
6:50 am
bad. >> a couple of celebrities that are weighing in. when was the last time neither presidential candidate in the general election was a military veteran? well, the answer was 1944, fdr beat dewey that year, and unless ron paul becomes the nominee, the 2012 election will be the first one in 68 years without a veteran on the ballot for one of the two major parties. we'll be right back. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. everything can cost upwards of...[ whistles ] i did not want to think about that. relax, relax, relax. look at me, look at me. three words, dad -- e-trade financial consultants. so i can just go talk to 'em? just walk right in and talk to 'em. dude, those guys are pros. they'll hook you up with a solid plan. they'll -- wa-- wa-- wait a minute. bobby? bobby! what are you doing, man? i'm speed dating! [ male announcer ] get investing advice for your family at e-trade.
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detroit's showing us it can be done. and what's true about them is true about all of us. this country can't be knocked out in one punch, we get right back up again, and when we do, the world's going to hear the roar of our engines. yeah, it's halftime, america. and our second half's about to
6:54 am
begin. >> susan page, insert presidential candidate here, and i approve this message. watching the car ads in general over the last few months, the president doesn't have effective super pacs right now, but maybe he does, maybe they're gm, ford, chrysler. >> well, i thought this was pretty powerful. and the one last year i liked even better. and it made you feel like detroit has not been part of the core message of america for a while. >> a long time. >> it made you really root for it. >> the -- >> the words we should've all remembered, let detroit go bankrupt, which was mitt romney's -- >> that was the new york -- >> that was mitt romney's argument, and the "new york times" in 2008, and he said that we shouldn't bail them out. >> you know, dan, selling, we were talking about this optimism/pessimism thing, i remember democrats in '04 trying to sell pessimism about the economy, they were looking for a second issue on the war and got accused of rooting against the economy. republicans sounding like, well,
6:55 am
it's not good enough and yet here you have sort of big corporations trying to sell optimism, the president trying to sell optimism. that does have an effect on a psyche, can't it? >> yes, you can't be grudging as a presidential candidate about these things and we know optimistic candidates do much better than pessimistic candidates. if the public mood is sour, the republicans will benefit from that, but you can't try to feed that unduly when things look like they may be going well and you're suggesting, well, we're not sure we want them to be that good. >> before we go, even a lighter note, tim tebow was asked about his future for office. and i'm looking for an excuse to play the clip on the golf channel of all places. here's what he said. >> would you think of running for office? >> for me, it could be something in my future. something i'll have to think about and pray about, and i have no idea right now, but you know, possibly. >> all right. governor tebow, what do you think? nobody wants to run against him right now.
6:56 am
>> well, we haven't heard any of his policies on economic -- >> here we go. think progress. >> get right on him there. >> yeah. >> shameless plug. susan, go. >> primaries. these caucuses, tiny, weird, collections of -- >> at least say -- >> neither caucuses have done effective counts. is nevada still counting? when did they finish? this morning. and iowa counted them, but counted them wrong. >> at least they got hundreds of thousands. >> i want to do a shameful plug for the nevada republican party. >> completely agree. not fair to john rholston. >> and this planned parenthood, i think it suggests more of an ideology, right-wing ideology governing some of komen's decisions here. >> that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." we'll be back here tomorrow, of course, super tuesday coverage.
6:57 am
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